Our primary specialty is designing Windows-based database applications in Microsoft Access, which allow you to manage your own data easily, in a user friendly and error free way, freed from the hassle and data entry errors that can happen with Excel spreadsheets.

We understand that up-front pricing is very important, but this is difficult to determine accurately before we know exactly what you need, especially since our services are so varied. Our regular hourly rate is $80 per hour, and our average project takes between 40-60 hours. This is a large range, but every project is custom built, so first we would meet in a free consultation to get to know your business model, what you need your app to do, we take your budget into consideration and come up with a quote. during our free consultation, decide what your needs are, what needs to be done by us, approximately how long it will take, etc.  If you have a partially completed project of your own, it could be a little less. If more advanced services, such as data migration, advanced database design and analysis, etc., are necessary, that could increase the cost. Again, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation to come up with a customized estimate. Remember also that unlike commercial software programs that often come with high monthly or yearly licensing fees, the applications we design for you are YOURS, no licensing required. Install them on as many computers as you want for as long as you want. And if changes are ever needed, we’re just an email away.

Good question! Both are standard applications within Microsoft Office. The main difference is that Excel spreadsheets are a “flat file.” You can have several tables in their own worksheets.  In Access, tables can be connected together using common data columns.  If you’re entering details for a work order, do you have to first look up that work order in another sheet and manually copy the information over? What if there’s a typo? What if you don’t see there’s an existing order and unknowingly make a duplicate? Have you ever dealt with data entry errors and typos in Excel or similar apps? All of this can be avoided with Access, by creating linked tables that automatically check for duplicate and non-existent records, and customized data entry forms that are designed to minimize or eliminate data entry errors by, for example, restricting entries in the “state” field to existing states or provinces, or limiting the ZIP code to 9 digits. You can restrict entry on fields in Excel, but not nearly as powerful as in Access. Customized forms can allow you to enter, search, sort, delete, track, and report on data in any way you can possibly imagine. The sky really is the limit!

We can do either. As part of our intake process, we will have a thorough discussion about your needs. We can work hourly or fixed-price-per-project, which itself can be broken down into smaller phases or milestones. For all but the largest projects, we can provide updates and invoices as frequently or infrequently as you require

After we make an initial delivery of your project, you can take some time to test out to make sure that it meets your needs before signing off on the project. Three minor or cosmetic changes are offered free of charge for up to 6 months (screen or form color, fonts, size and style of forms, etc.) For changes needed after delivery that differ from your project specs, small charges may apply. We can also work in a maintenance clause to your contract to cover ANY changes for a fixed fee.

Not a problem! The I.T. world can be sometimes confusing and it’s hard sometimes to figure out exactly what you need. We will work with you in our free consultation to try to figure out exactly what your needs are, and put together a customized plan and estimate. We can even come to your site to examine your current system and provide suggestions.

Not at all. You might have on-site developers but may need guidance with database design, tables, queries, etc. You might have overflow work that you need to outsource. You might just need general consulting with existing projects. We do all of that!

One thing we are working on is having product templates, made for customization by your own I.T. staff or by us. These will be available for download for a fixed price.

Of course, referrals of any kind are often welcome. We will offer 10% of the total project cost for your referral, as well as a 10% discount on the services provided to your contact.

Fill out our form with as much information as you have available or feel applicable. Or just email at david@dataprofessor.us. We will set up a time to meet, either in person, over the phone, Skype, etc. We will have had a chance then to view your survey results, put together a preliminary project plan, and we will spend the time getting to the heart of what your project requires, come up with a more detailed plan and cost estimate.

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