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  • Database design: Microsoft Access and SQL Server

  • Database programming

  • Database administration for applications and web pages

We bring order to the CHAOS of managing your business data by developing database tools in Microsoft Access and SQL Server, customized for your business with the focus always on helping you serve your customers better.  We apply best practices for organizing your data, ensuring its accuracy and transforming it into a resource for making appropriate business decisions. 


Data was stored as shown in the table below because the data entry tool allowed inconsistent entries: zip codes entered as cities or states, states entered as Washington or WA, and some data to be not entered at all.  As the expression goes “Garbage in, garbage out.”  Having bad data causes many headaches that you just don’t need and make it harder to keep good customers and make good business decisions.


The result: HUGE headaches and costs to clean up and organize your data, lost time and angry customers.

Data entry errors have their consequences!

This can be PREVENTED!

Database Design

Mainly Access and SQL Server, but can work with any relational database technology.

Database Programming & Administration

Front ends in Microsoft Access and Visual Basic, among others.

Data Entry and Management

Fixing data entry errors and preventing future ones, making your data and databases cleaner, more efficient, and faster.

Training and Consultation

Need Excel or Office training for your staff? Don't want to spend thousands per head for a certification course? We can help!


Why Choose Us?

We're local!

Located in Spokane, we also serve Spokane Valley, Coeur D'Alene, Post Falls, and the Northern Counties. We also serve any other location remotely.

We are ideal for small businesses

Most small businesses and "solopreneurs" don't have the six-figure budget for a Full-Time Database Administrator. There are ready-to-go out of the box solutions such as Customer Relations Management (CRM) software out there, but they can cost thousands of dollars and are either not customizable or require full-time IT people to do so. We can make customized database apps right down to the form color and size of the text box, with the ability to search, sort, add, edit in any way that is convenient for you. We can work with you on a contingent or as-needed basis via 1099 contract. No job is too big or small.

Customer Relations

Another option for your data management is to seek out freelancing sites. You could save some money but are you really sure who/what you're getting? Do you trust them with data privacy and security? We are local and available to meet with you on or off-site, we'll take the time to come to your business to install, troubleshoot, and we back up our work with continuing maintenance.

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